Building a Safer Community

The Future
- New RCMP Station, as second phase of Emergency Services Station.
- A Health Services Facility, which will facilitate doctors and other medical professionals coming together under one roof, to provide well rounded medical services to Chestermere.
- Encouraging development that allows our families to stay in our community for years, providing mises of homes for all ages.
- Expansion of recreational facilities be that on the current CRCA site, or potentially other sites around town.
-Commercial and Industrial development throughout town leading to greater economic diversification and a more robust tax base.
- Keeping the RCMP and the Fire membership in proportion with the towns growth.
- Develop partnerships with other municipalities for mutal gain.
- Continue the fiscal responsibility and lowest possible tax increases that have been achieved over the last three years.
- Continued Growth of our CPO (Community Peace Officer) Program.
- Continued to build a Safer Better Prepared Community.