Building a Safer Community

Promises Made, Promises Kept
- Election Platform from 3 years ago. What has been accomplished in 3 years.
Controlled Growth
Long Term sustainability of our Water, Sewer, Roads & Schools
- This is only acheivable with long term planning now and eliminating our infrastructure deficit before we move forward. This has been accomplished with the improvement to lift Station #10, which positions us for future growth better than ever before, we have ensured that the infrastructure system is in place for the town today and that the burden will be on the developers for future infrastructure growth.

Public Safety
RCMP - 8+ new RCMP members
Fire - Full time Fire Station in operation
EMS - January 1, 2011 EMS Unit Stationed in Chestermere

These services must be increased to meet the needs of one of the Fastest Growing Communities in Canada, we currently lack in all three services, and this must continue to be improved.

Economic Diversification
With the new development of the Bayfield project and its mixed use, of residential, commercial and industrial lands, this will help build the economic diversifcation that we need.