Building a Safer Community

Fire Service:
photo-Fire Service Agreement with Country of Rockyview Fire Service
  • 12 Full Time Firefighters, 3 per shift, 4 shifts, 24/7/365coverage
  • 3 Paid on Call Firefighters per shift minimum
    • Giving a Minimum Quantity of 6 Fully Trained Firefightersevery day

    - Receipt of a 105' aerial fire truck $1.2 million fully granted, no tax dollars used.
    - Specification and receipt of 2010 Rosenbauer Engine, $675,000 fully granted, no tax dollars used.
    - Awaiting receipt of a New Tender (Tanker) truck, fully funded by County of Rockyview.
    - 12 Bay, 24 hour capable Emergency Services Station to be completed December 2010.

    photo- Full complement of 16 officers in Chestermere obtained April 2010.
    - 8 RCMP officers added since elected in 2007
    - Chestemere Home to a regional RCMP boat Spring 2010.
    - GHOST (Gang Team) fully entrenched in the community.
    -RCMP increaded profile through community involvement.
    - Effective active Policing committee
    -photo 2 full time Peace Officers dealing with bylaw issues around town.

    - EMS unit to be housed in the Chestermere Emergency Services Station January 2011.


    photoEmergency Management
    -Acting Director Emergency Management
    -Fully functioning Emergency Management agency first time in history of town.
    - Town is becoming more prepared every day for inevitable events.
    -Regular exercising emergency plans - first for town.


-Part of negotriating team for WID land sale are town.
- Formation of Municipal Utility Coproration, currently under review by Provinical Government.
- Kept taxes to an average increase of 2.32% over the last 2 years.
- Assured quality and capacity of Infrastructure moving forward